230+ Cute and Cool Dolphin Names: For Your Friends

dolphin names

As a passionate dolphin lover the struggle for the perfect dolphin name for these marine creatures can be challenging and thrilling. The cute and funny gestures of dolphins never miss a chance to inspire their surroundings. 

From enjoying their swim in the vast ocean to the suspense of watching their stunts holds a specific type of excitement in the people worldwide. The adorable nature of these is much more than just entertainment; they are extensively intelligent and capable of training and instructing.

The chance to own a dolphin as a pet and be a trainer is one of profound administration and a bond of mutual respect. Although they never had a chance to farm a dolphin, considering names for these incredible creatures is a unique experience to feel the charm of their relationship. 

So no waiting anymore scroll down the list below to uncover the famous cool and catchy names that await.

Dolphin Names That Start With D

Following names are the names that start with D for dolphins where each name is distinctive and crafted to celebrate the charm of these marine creatures.

Dolphin Names That Start With D
  • Delfina (nickname: Della)
  • Dazzle (nickname: Dizzy)
  • Delta
  • Dorsal (nickname: Dory)
  • Dreamer (nickname: Dream)
  • Diverge (nickname: Divi)
  • Drizzle (nickname: Drizzy)
  • Deepblue (nickname: Blue)
  • Dynamo (nickname: Dyna)
  • Delight
  • Dune
  • Daybreak (nickname: Dawn)
  • Dusky (nickname: Dusk)
  • Domino
  • Divinity (nickname: Divi)
  • Dash
  • Destiny (nickname: Desi)
  • Devotion
  • Dolphinia (nickname: Dolph)
  • Disco (nickname: Disco)
  • Dainty
  • Dapper (nickname: Dap)
  • Delve
  • Drifter (nickname: Drift)
  • Daydream (nickname: Day)
  • Dazzler
  • Dewdrop (nickname: Dew)
  • Dawnlight (nickname: Dawn)
  • Darlin’ (nickname: Darla)
  • Darby
  • Daring (nickname: Dare)
  • Diversion (nickname: Dive)
  • Diamond
  • Dynamic (nickname: Dyna)
  • Dawnbreaker (nickname: Dawn)
  • Dimple
  • Dreamland (nickname: Dream)
  • Duskfall (nickname: Dusk)
  • Dewshine (nickname: Dew)
  • Destiny’s Star (nickname: Destiny)
  • Dragonfly (nickname: Draco)
  • Daystar (nickname: Day)
  • Dolphinheart (nickname: Dolph)
  • Dappled (nickname: Dap)

Male Dolphin Names

Unique names for male dolphins will take you into the valley of creativity. Each name resonates with the strength and character of these incredible creatures.

Male Dolphin Names
  • Azurewave (nickname: Blue)
  • Oceanus (nickname: Oce)
  • Triton (nickname: Trit)
  • Marinos (nickname: Mari)
  • Aquilo (nickname: Aqua)
  • Neptune (nickname: Nep)
  • Cobaltstream (nickname: Cob)
  • Poseidon (nickname: Pose)
  • Sunchaser (nickname: Sun)
  • Echo (nickname: Eco)
  • Coralreef (nickname: Cor)
  • Wavecrest (nickname: Wave)
  • Azurite (nickname: Azu)
  • Marlin (nickname: Marl)
  • Seabreeze (nickname: Sea)
  • Harbor (nickname: Har)
  • Leviathan (nickname: Levi)
  • Splash (nickname: Spl)
  • Solstice (nickname: Sol)
  • Dolphinus (nickname: Dolf)
  • Shorebreak (nickname: Shore)
  • Bubbles (nickname: Bub)
  • Driftwood (nickname: Drift)
  • Azure (nickname: Azure)
  • Seafarer (nickname: Sea)
  • Coral (nickname: Cora)
  • Bluefin (nickname: Bluey)
  • Reef (nickname: Ree)
  • Starlight (nickname: Star)
  • Azureflame (nickname: Flame)
  • Mariner (nickname: Mar)
  • Ripple (nickname: Rip)
  • Horizon (nickname: Hori)
  • Seastorm (nickname: Storm)
  • Trident (nickname: Trid)
  • Beacon (nickname: Bea)
  • Current (nickname: Curr)
  • Pelagios (nickname: Pela)
  • Splasher (nickname: Splash)
  • Solace (nickname: Sol)
  • Bluejay (nickname: Jay)
  • Seawind (nickname: Wind)
  • Crest (nickname: Cres)
  • Marigold (nickname: Gold)
  • Oceanic (nickname: Ocey)
  • Swiftfin (nickname: Swift)
  • Coralbliss (nickname: Bliss)
  • Nautical (nickname: Naut)
  • Sunburst (nickname: Sunny)

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Female Dolphin Names

Female dolphin names are a combination of grace and elegance derived from the depths of oceans. Explore the following names to explore the beauty of these creatures.

  • Mariana (nickname: Mari)
  • Oceana (nickname: Oce)
  • Serenity (nickname: Seren)
  • Pearlsea (nickname: Pearl)
  • Azurea (nickname: Azu)
  • Sirena (nickname: Siri)
  • Delphine (nickname: Del)
  • Aquamarine (nickname: Aqua)
  • Selena (nickname: Sel)
  • Meridian (nickname: Meri)
  • Lunaire (nickname: Luna)
  • Celestia (nickname: Cele)
  • Oceanne (nickname: Ocey)
  • Coralie (nickname: Cor)
  • Naiad (nickname: Nai)
  • Marisol (nickname: Mari)
  • Wavelet (nickname: Wave)
  • Ariel (nickname: Ari)
  • Delphina (nickname: Delf)
  • Calypso (nickname: Cal)
  • Amethyst (nickname: Amy)
  • Seraphina (nickname: Sera)
  • Ondine (nickname: Oni)
  • Solara (nickname: Sol)
  • Mariposa (nickname: Mari)
  • Oceanica (nickname: Ocea)
  • Pearl (nickname: Pear)
  • Selene (nickname: Sel)
  • Misty (nickname: Mist)
  • Cascade (nickname: Cas)
  • Sonata (nickname: Sona)
  • Sapphire (nickname: Sapph)
  • Maris (nickname: Mar)
  • Symphony (nickname: Sym)
  • Marina (nickname: Rina)
  • Coraline (nickname: Lina)
  • Aquaria (nickname: Aqua)
  • Selkie (nickname: Selk)

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Names For A Boy Dolphin

Boy dolphin names where the unlimited ocean meets the playful spirit of these distinctive animals. Check the following original names  that capture the unique essence of these aquatic creatures.

  • Azureus (nickname: Azu)
  • Delphius (nickname: Del)
  • Coralwave (nickname: Cor)
  • Seadance (nickname: Sea)
  • Seafire (nickname: Fire)
  • Seafin (nickname: Fin)
  • Seashore (nickname: Shore)
  • Coralstorm (nickname: Storm)
  • Seaborn (nickname: Born)
  • Marsoar (nickname: Mars)
  • Coralstar (nickname: Star)
  • Seapulse (nickname: Pulse)
  • Seawave (nickname: Wav)
  • Oceano (nickname: Ozzie)
  • Finnegan (nickname: Finn)
  • Aquarius (nickname: Aqua)
  • Seabrook (nickname: Brook)
  • Delmar (nickname: Del)
  • Atlantis (nickname: Atty)
  • Riviera (nickname: Rivi)
  • Orion (nickname: Ory)
  • Maverick (nickname: Mav)
  • Tidebreaker (nickname: Tidy)
  • Aquaticus (nickname: Aqua)
  • Seashine (nickname: Shiny)
  • Seagrass (nickname: Grass)
  • Salty (nickname: Salt)
  • Abyss (nickname: Abby)
  • Captain (nickname: Cap)
  • Pelagic (nickname: Pelly)

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Unisex Names For Dolphins

When it comes to naming dolphins, names should be unique like these creatures are unique. Following are unique names accompanied with a nickname to call your unique friends uniquely.

  • Marin (nickname: Mar)
  • Phoenix (nickname: Phin)
  • Nova (nickname: No)
  • Ocean (nickname: Oce)
  • Kai (nickname: K)
  • Indigo (nickname: Indie)
  • Blaze (nickname: Bla)
  • Serenity (nickname: Sere)
  • Cove (nickname: Cove)
  • Tide (nickname: Ti)
  • Celeste (nickname: Cel)
  • Harmony (nickname: Harm)
  • Zenith (nickname: Zen)
  • Aspen (nickname: Asp)
  • Mirage (nickname: Mir)
  • Ember (nickname: Em)
  • Mistral (nickname: Mist)
  • Sky (nickname: Sky)
  • Aurora (nickname: Rory)
  • Starling (nickname: Star)
  • Drift (nickname: Drift)
  • Breeze (nickname: Bree)
  • Vega (nickname: Veg)
  • River (nickname: Riv)
  • Zephyr (nickname: Zeph)
  • Dune (nickname: Dune)
  • Luna (nickname: Lune)
  • Nimbus (nickname: Nim)
  • Zen (nickname: Zen)
  • Marlowe (nickname: Mar)
  • Echoa (nickname: Echo)
  • Lunara (nickname: Luna)
  • Phoenixa (nickname: Phin)
  • Novae (nickname: Nova)
  • Kailani (nickname: Kai)
  • Indigold (nickname: Indie)
  • Blazin (nickname: Blaze)
  • Seren (nickname: Sere)
  • Oriole (nickname: O)
  • Covey (nickname: Cove)
  • Tidus (nickname: Tide)
  • Celest (nickname: Cel)
  • Reefa (nickname: Reef)
  • Harmoni (nickname: Harm)
  • Zenitha (nickname: Zen)
  • Aspyn (nickname: Asp)
  • Mirabel (nickname: Mir)
  • Embra (nickname: Em)
  • Sapphy (nickname: Saph)
  • Ariya (nickname: Ari)
  • Cascada (nickname: Cas)
  • Phoenixi (nickname: Phe)
  • Marlini (nickname: Marli)
  • Skyla (nickname: Sky)

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Cute Girl Dolphin Names

Dolphins have the ability to captivate our hearts with their friendly nature. Following names with a one word nickname will add an extra dash of sweetness in your bond.

  • Seashell (nickname: Shell)
  • Blossom (nickname: Bloss)
  • LunaSea (nickname: Luna)
  • Twinkle (nickname: Twink)
  • Bubbles (nickname: Bub)
  • Dazzle (nickname: Daz)
  • Petal (nickname: Pet)
  • Rainbow (nickname: Rain)
  • Sparkle (nickname: Spark)
  • Aqua (nickname: Aqui)
  • Mermaid (nickname: Mer)
  • Nixie (nickname: Nix)
  • Glimmer (nickname: Glim)
  • Whisper (nickname: Whisp)
  • Tinkerbell (nickname: Tink)
  • Crystal (nickname: Cryst)
  • Daisy (nickname: Dais)
  • Fern (nickname: Fern)
  • Lily (nickname: Lil)
  • Sunny (nickname: Sun)
  • Bluebell (nickname: Blue)
  • Marina (nickname: Mari)
  • Sandy (nickname: Sand)
  • Dottie (nickname: Dot)
  • Waverly (nickname: Wave)
  • Jellybean (nickname: Jelly)
  • Marzipan (nickname: Marzi)
  • Shimmer (nickname: Shim)
  • Willow (nickname: Willy)

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dolphin Names

Dolphins with their magical appearance and playful attitude deserve a name that is a perfect reflection of their behavior. When it’s about choosing the best dolphin name there are some tips you should consider.

First of all consider the characteristics of your dolphin’s nature: is she playful like a splash or a flipper?.Secondly research different species of dolphin to understand their traits whether it’s a Bottlenose Orca or Spinner. Driving inspiration for mythology adds a touch of mystique in your selected name. 

By using these tips in the decision making of your selected name, will capture the spirit of your beloved sea creature. 


Crafting unique dolphin names can be a difficult task so we have explored vast categories from cute and adorable to funny and majestic. We have covered everyone male, female and baby dolphin also we have covered extensively.

These names have the ability to evoke smiles on both you and your sea companion. These incredible features not only embody strength but also inspire us to imagine endless possibilities.


Q1. What are good names for dolphins?

Good names for dolphins can vary depending on personal preference and the dolphin’s characteristics. Some popular choices include Aqua, Splash, Echo, Luna, Marlin, and Sapphire.

Q2. What is the famous dolphin name?

One of the most famous dolphin names is “Flipper”, which gained popularity through a television series in the 1960s. Flipper became an iconic symbol of dolphins’ intelligence and friendliness.

Q3. Do all dolphins have names?

While dolphins are highly intelligent and social creatures, they don’t have names in the same way humans do. However, they use a complex system of vocalizations and whistles to communicate and identify each other.

Q4. What is a female dolphin called?

A female dolphin is called a “cow”. This term is derived from traditional dolphin anatomical classifications where adult females were referred to as cows.

Q5. Which dolphin is the cutest?

Determining the cutest dolphin is subjective, as all dolphins have their unique charm. However, many people find the bottlenose dolphin particularly cute due to its playful behavior and friendly appearance.

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