270+ Adorable and Unique Panda Names

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The rare giant panda, native of ancient to modern China, there might be someone who would not be an admirer of these fluffy animals. Learning about their status as vulnerable species  due to their huge decreasing number is an alarming situation.

That’s the time where panda names for these fluffy creatures hold an importance. The fact that these species are considered endangered in the emergency of conservation efforts is considered crucial. These names not only relate these creatures with societies but also raises awareness about the efforts for their betterment.

10 Famous Chinese Names For Female Pandas

Naming holds significance not only among humans but also in animals. They are ways to reflect your unique cultural heritage. Following are ten unique panda names as your panda is. 

Famous Chinese Names For Female Pandas
  • Meiying (Nickname: Mei)
  • Xinyue (Nickname: Xin)
  • Qiuhan (Nickname: Qiu)
  • Jialing (Nickname: Jia)
  • Yufeng (Nickname: Yu)
  • Xiangxiang (Nickname: Xiang)
  • Tianran (Nickname: Tian)
  • Zhilan (Nickname: Zhi)
  • Jingyi (Nickname: Jing)
  • Weiyi (Nickname: Wei)

10 Chinese Names for Male Pandas

In the world of male pandas the names carry huge significance as it represents individuality. The following names will be a perfect reflection of your furry companion.

Chinese Names for Male Pandas
  • Longwei (Nickname: Long)
  • Changhao (Nickname: Chang)
  • Mingyu (Nickname: Ming)
  • Guanglei (Nickname: Guang)
  • Xingxing (Nickname: Xing)
  • Qiangwei (Nickname: Qiang)
  • Zhihao (Nickname: Zhi)
  • Yunchao (Nickname: Yun)
  • Zhiming (Nickname: Zhi)
  • Huanhuan (Nickname: Huan)

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Silly Giant Panda Names

The world of giant panda names is so whimsical that silliness reigns know no bounds. Following names are for these furry and cuddly creatures each with a nickname to add a dash of charm.

Silly Giant Panda Names
  • Pandywampus (Nickname: Pandy)
  • Wigglywoo (Nickname: Wiggle)
  • Bambuzzler (Nickname: Bam)
  • Snugglewumpus (Nickname: Snug)
  • Fuzzlet (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Bamboozler (Nickname: Boo)
  • Cuddle bugle (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Fuzzykins (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Whiskerwham (Nickname: Whisk)
  • Snugglefluff (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Puffykins (Nickname: Puff)
  • Wafflenose (Nickname: Waffle)
  • Snugglebutt (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Fluffykins (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Bambambam (Nickname: Bam)
  • Fuzzbuzz (Nickname: Buzz)
  • Pawsitivity (Nickname: Paws)
  • Wigglypaws (Nickname: Wiggly)
  • Cuddlesnoot (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Fuzzywuzzy (Nickname: Wuzzy)
  • Snugglehug (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Bambaloo (Nickname: Bam)
  • Fluffball (Nickname: Fluff)
  • Pawsome (Nickname: Paws)
  • Whiskerwiggle (Nickname: Wiggle)
  • Fuzzbucket (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Snugglebug (Nickname: Bug)
  • Bambalicious (Nickname: Bam)
  • Snugglepuff (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Fuzzywiggle (Nickname: Wiggly)
  • Snickerdoodle (Nickname: Snick)
  • Boopadoop (Nickname: Boop)
  • Pandaloon (Nickname: Loon)
  • Snugglekins (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Fluffernutter (Nickname: Fluff)

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Adorable and Cuddly Panda Names

Following compilation will provide you cuddly panda names that are designed to melt the hearts of listeners and callers with the evoking of warmth. Each name ensures an extra dose of charm for your cuddly friend.

  • Fuzz bear (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Fluffycub (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Cuddlefluff (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Snugglebuddy (Nickname: Buddy)
  • Cozybear (Nickname: Cozy)
  • Cuddlekins (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Fuzzywump (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Puffernose (Nickname: Puff)
  • Cuddlebear (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Puffycub (Nickname: Puffy)
  • Pandalove (Nickname: Panda)
  • Hugsnuggle (Nickname: Hug)
  • Snugglebun (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Puffball (Nickname: Puff)
  • Fuzzycub (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Cozyboo (Nickname: Cozy)
  • Snugglebear (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Fluffypaws (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Cuddlesnout (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Pandyhug (Nickname: Pandy)
  • Hugbug (Nickname: Hug)
  • Snugglejoy (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Fuzzylove (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Snugglepaws (Nickname: Snug)
  • Cuddlebean (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Fuzzball (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Snugglewhisker (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Cozycub (Nickname: Cozy)
  • Puffernose (Nickname: Puff)
  • Pandalicious (Nickname: Panda)
  • Puffypaws (Nickname: Puffy)
  • Fluffypanda (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Snuggleboo (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Snuggleheart (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Cozychub (Nickname: Cozy)
  • Fluffernose (Nickname: Fluffy)

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Famous Panda Names

Following list contains distinguished and popular names along with nicknames for furry pandas each with its own beauty and legacy. You will delve into the world of fame with the following names along their accompanied nicknames.

  • Mingbao (Nickname: Ming)
  • Mei Xiang (Nickname: Mei)
  • Tiantian (Nickname: Tian)
  • Bao Bao (Nickname: Bao)
  • Chengdu (Nickname: Cheng)
  • Yuan Meng (Nickname: Yuan)
  • Jia Panpan (Nickname: Jia)
  • Shu Qing (Nickname: Shu)
  • Fu Bao (Nickname: Fu)
  • Ya Li (Nickname: Ya)
  • Ding Ding (Nickname: Ding)
  • Da Mao (Nickname: Mao)
  • Xiang Xiang (Nickname: Xiang)
  • Meng Meng (Nickname: Meng)
  • Xing Ya (Nickname: Xing)
  • Le Bao (Nickname: Le)
  • Qi Yi (Nickname: Qi)
  • Hua Mei (Nickname: Hua)
  • Guo Guo (Nickname: Guo)
  • Zhen Zhen (Nickname: Zhen)
  • Wu Wen (Nickname: Wu)
  • Yuan Zai (Nickname: Yuan)
  • Ya Yun (Nickname: Yun)
  • Liang Liang (Nickname: Liang)
  • Xing Hui (Nickname: Xing)
  • Yuan Run (Nickname: Run)
  • Ju Xiao (Nickname: Ju)
  • Yun Zi (Nickname: Yun)
  • Shu Lan (Nickname: Shu)
  • Da Di (Nickname: Di)
  • Cheng Lang (Nickname: Cheng)
  • Hua Rong (Nickname: Hua)
  • Yang Yang (Nickname: Yang)
  • Xin Xin (Nickname: Xin)
  • Yun Er (Nickname: Yun)
  • Wu Kong (Nickname: Wu)
  • Ying Ying (Nickname: Ying)
  • Tai Shan (Nickname: Tai)
  • Long Long (Nickname: Long)
  • Jing Jing (Nickname: Jing)
  • Fu Long (Nickname: Fu)
  • Shu Hua (Nickname: Shu)
  • Tao Tao (Nickname: Tao)
  • Mei Lan (Nickname: Mei)
  • Ai Bao (Nickname: Ai)
  • Xiong Bao (Nickname: Xiong)
  • Ping Ping (Nickname: Ping)
  • Pan Pan (Nickname: Pan)
  • Lin Hui (Nickname: Lin)
  • Zhi Zhi (Nickname: Zhi)

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Funny Panda Names

Get ready to chuckle and giggle with your bubbly friend with the following names along with a lovely nickname that will bring joy and laughter to your day.

  • Paws McFluffy (Nickname: Paws)
  • Bamboozler (Nickname: Boo)
  • Pandamonium (Nickname: Mono)
  • Waddlesnoot (Nickname: Waddle)
  • Fuzzbutt (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Sir Chub-a-Lot (Nickname: Sir)
  • Squishyface (Nickname: Squish)
  • Mr. Bumbles (Nickname: Bumbles)
  • Wafflewhiskers (Nickname: Waffle)
  • Cuddlemonster (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Fuzzball McBounce (Nickname: Fuzzball)
  • Pandy McPandaface (Nickname: Pandy)
  • Bambambam (Nickname: Bam)
  • Puddingpop (Nickname: Pud)
  • Snugglesaurus Rex (Nickname: Rex)
  • Boopster (Nickname: Boop)
  • Bumblefluff (Nickname: Bumble)
  • Sir Huggington (Nickname: Sir)
  • Fuzzywuzzykins (Nickname: Wuzzy)
  • Snugglebuns (Nickname: Bun)
  • Squishmallow (Nickname: Squish)
  • Fuzzmuffin (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Puffernutter (Nickname: Puff)
  • Bouncypaws (Nickname: Bouncy)
  • Snugglecakes (Nickname: Cake)
  • Pandy Paws (Nickname: Pandy)
  • Wigglywhiskers (Nickname: Wiggly)
  • Bambamboozle (Nickname: Bam)
  • Fuzzinator (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Bumblebear (Nickname: Bumble)
  • Fluffernutter (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Squigglefluff (Nickname: Squiggle)
  • Fuzzberry (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Pancake Paws (Nickname: Pancake)
  • Wobblewhiskers (Nickname: Wobble)
  • Snuggletush (Nickname: Tush)

Baby Panda Names

Babies are cute and the cuteness gets itself overloaded when combined with a perfect name. The following name will surely evoke the emotions of cuddly cuteness.

  • Peanut (Nickname: Pea)
  • Marshmallow (Nickname: Marsh)
  • Sprout (Nickname: Sprout)
  • Bubble (Nickname: Bub)
  • Sunny (Nickname: Sun)
  • Willow (Nickname: Will)
  • Button (Nickname: But)
  • Snickers (Nickname: Snick)
  • Biscuit (Nickname: Bisc)
  • Twinkle (Nickname: Twink)
  • Giggles (Nickname: Gig)
  • Dandelion (Nickname: Dandy)
  • Bumble (Nickname: Bumble)
  • Pudding (Nickname: Pud)
  • Honeypot (Nickname: Honey)
  • Cinnamon (Nickname: Cinna)
  • Cupcake (Nickname: Cup)
  • Tumble (Nickname: Tum)
  • Dinky (Nickname: Din)
  • Sproutlet (Nickname: Sprout)
  • Munchkin (Nickname: Munch)
  • Chirpy (Nickname: Chirp)
  • Pebble (Nickname: Peb)
  • Snuggles (Nickname: Snug)
  • Clover (Nickname: Clove)
  • Noodle (Nickname: Nood)
  • Pippin (Nickname: Pip)
  • Bubbles (Nickname: Bub)
  • Dimples (Nickname: Dim)
  • Jellybean (Nickname: Jelly)
  • Puddle (Nickname: Pud)
  • Sparkle (Nickname: Spark)
  • Sunshine (Nickname: Shine)
  • Bluebell (Nickname: Blue)
  • Doodle (Nickname: Dood)
  • Petal (Nickname: Pet)
  • Sprinkle (Nickname: Sprink)

Group Of Panda Names

Names have significance for every personality and much more when it comes to naming your team. Following are perfect titles for panda clans which will reflect the unity along with a nickname.

  • Panda Pals (Nickname: Pal)
  • Fluffy Fellowship (Nickname: Fluff)
  • Bumble Bundle (Nickname: Bumble)
  • Waffle Whiskers (Nickname: Waffle)
  • Fuzzball Fraternity (Nickname: Fuzzball)
  • Puddle Platoon (Nickname: Pud)
  • Cuddlebug Collective (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Puffy Patrol (Nickname: Puffy)
  • Bambino Battalion (Nickname: Bam)
  • Snickerdoodle Syndicate (Nickname: Snick)
  • Fuzzy Fellowship (Nickname: Fuzzy)
  • Whisker Warriors (Nickname: Whisk)
  • Pandalicious Pack (Nickname: Panda)
  • Cozy Clan (Nickname: Cozy)
  • Bamboo Bunch (Nickname: Bam)
  • Fuzzy Family (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Fluffy Friends (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Snuggle Snoots (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Panda Posse (Nickname: Panda)
  • Bamboo Brigade (Nickname: Bam)
  • Cozy Coalition (Nickname: Cozy)
  • Puff Patrol (Nickname: Puff)
  • Cuddle Crew (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Snuggle Squad (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Furry Friends (Nickname: Furry)
  • Fluffy Family (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Bamboo Collective (Nickname: Bam)
  • Fuzzy Alliance (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Snuggle Syndicate (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Pandalicious Union (Nickname: Panda)
  • Whisker Clan (Nickname: Whisk)
  • Cuddle Consortium (Nickname: Cuddle)
  • Fluffy Society (Nickname: Fluffy)
  • Bumble Brotherhood (Nickname: Bumble)
  • Snickerdoodle Tribe (Nickname: Snick)
  • Furry Federation (Nickname: Furry)
  • Snuggle Society (Nickname: Snuggle)
  • Bambino Band (Nickname: Bam)
  • Puddle Pack (Nickname: Pud)
  • Bamboo Brotherhood (Nickname: Bam)
  • Fuzzy Friends (Nickname: Fuzz)
  • Pandalicious Posse (Nickname: Panda)

What Special About Panda Names

Panda names are considered vital due to their social relevance and their love with people around them. Ecah name chosen for a panda makes their identity unique. Also pandas have a very positive role for the conservation effort due to its deep connection in human society.

By giving panda names the efforts of raising awareness among people can be supported in a much better way for their protection. The names are crucial due to the Chinese mythology of giving names to animals. It’s not just for the celebration of panda native but also for honoring Chinese tradition and conventions.

Moreover, names are not just titles; they are a symbol of connection between humans and iconic symbols, representing the shared responsibility to protect and preserve their natural habitat.


When selecting panda names, it’s essential to capture their essence in just a few syllables. These cute and funny monikers aren’t just labels; they’re badges of honor reflecting your panda’s personality and the unique bond you share. 

So, take your time, savor the moment, and revel in the joy of showcasing your panda’s strength and character through the perfect name. After all, the right name isn’t just a label; it’s an affirmation of the profound bond you share.


Q1. What are some panda names?

Some panda names include Bamboo, Mei Mei, Ling Ling, Bao Bao, Xiao Li, Tian Tian, Fu Long, and Yuan Yuan, among others.

Q2. What is the name of female panda?

The name of a female panda can vary, but common female panda names include Mei Xiang, Yang Yang, Bai Yun, and Jia Jia.

Q3. What is the other name for panda?

Another name for panda is “giant panda” or simply “panda bear.”

Q4. Do pandas have a nickname?

Yes, pandas do have nicknames. They are often affectionately referred to as “bamboo bears” due to their diet primarily consisting of bamboo.

Q5. Is Panda a real name?

While “Panda” can be a real name, it’s less common as a human name and more frequently associated with the animal species. However, some individuals may have the given name “Panda.”

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