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Finding cute and funny peacock names is a path of spreading one’s imagination. As a devoted peacock lover the process of finding a perfect name for your feathery friend is unparalleled.

Whether you are a proud owner or an enthusiast seeking a perfect name  for admiring their beauty there’s a sense of wonder in this process.

The task of selecting a fitting and adorable name is a delightful experience. Each name has the ability to capture the spirit of peacock charm.

From amazing titles to those that exude splendor, there are endless options each promising to encapsulate the unique personality of these birds.

With each name given in this article you cannot just celebrate the beauty of your birds but your can also represent the special bond between owner and pet.

Precious Peafowl Names Inspired by Gems

Following names reflect the unique personalities and characteristics of peacocks. These names carry a sparkle and allure that inspired them.

Precious Peafowl Names Inspired by Gems
  • Ruby Plume
  • Sapphire Crest
  • Emerald Tail
  • Opal Feather
  • Amethyst Train
  • Topaz Gleam
  • Garnet Fan
  • Peridot Beak
  • Jade Wing
  • Diamond Crown
  • Citrine Quill
  • Aquamarine Shine
  • Onyx Silhouette
  • Moonstone Glimmer
  • Sunstone Glow
  • Zircon Hue
  • Tanzanite Majesty
  • Turquoise Plumage
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Amber Eyes
  • Quartz Song
  • Pearl Grace
  • Spinel Arc
  • Iolite Vision
  • Malachite Stride
  • Kunzite Mist
  • Morganite Whisper
  • Beryl Gaze
  • Rhodolite Poise
  • Sardonyx Stance
  • Chrysoprase Dream
  • Heliodor Light
  • Obsidian Mystery
  • Andalusite Spirit
  • Alexandrite Change
  • Larimar Peace
  • Tsavorite Vigor
  • Spessartine Dance
  • Fluorite Fantasy
  • Hawk’s Eye View
  • Pietersite Storm
  • Rhodonite Heart
  • Charoite Soul
  • Seraphinite Flight
  • Labradorite Flash
  • Moon Quartz
  • Sunstone Spectacle
  • Star Ruby Essence
  • Celestite Blue
  • Kyanite Depth

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Clever Peacock Names

Naming a peacock can be as colorful as a peacock itself. Following 50 peacock names are tailored to capture the essence and spirit of these majestic creatures.

Clever Peacock Names
  • Plume Sage
  • Feathered Genius
  • Majestic Muse
  • Tail Scholar
  • Crested Intellect
  • Brilliance Beacon
  • Vivid Virtuoso
  • Spectrum Savant
  • Iridescent Intellect
  • Color Master
  • Shimmer Thinker
  • Pavo Brainiac
  • Prism Professor
  • Gleam Gazer
  • Lustrous Logician
  • Dazzle Maven
  • Splendor Scribe
  • Hue Scholar
  • Radiant Reason
  • Glint Genius
  • Brilliance Buff
  • Panache Prodigy
  • Awe Architect
  • Spectacle Savvy
  • Ornate Oracle
  • Glimmer Guru
  • Sparkle Specialist
  • Flair Philosopher
  • Plumage Pioneer
  • Shine Strategist
  • Glare Guardian
  • Lustre Leader
  • Pattern Sage
  • Tint Thinker
  • Palette Professor
  • Display Director
  • Visionary Velvet
  • Grace Guru
  • Beauty Brain
  • Elegance Expert
  • Azure Analyst
  • Vibrance Virtuoso
  • Tail Tale
  • Plume Plotter
  • Crested Cerebrum
  • Train Trainer
  • Feathered Factotum
  • Mirage Maker
  • Peafowl Planner
  • Quill Quipster

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Unique Names For Pet Peacocks

Finding perfect peacock names can be an interesting process and very enjoyable. Following are the perfect names designed to highlight the joy they bring in your life.

Unique Names For Pet Peacocks
  • Azure Majesty
  • Regal Rhapsody
  • Velvet Sky
  • Sunbeam Tail
  • Prism Dancer
  • Opulence Orb
  • Gilded Feather
  • Celestial Strut
  • Twilight Plume
  • Noble Gaze
  • Zephyr Wing
  • Jewel Vista
  • Mystic Train
  • Halo Crest
  • Solstice Crown
  • Serenade Plum
  • Mirage Marvel
  • Velvet Whisper
  • Starlight Quill
  • Cosmic Plume
  • Gala Prestige
  • Eden’s Echo
  • Aurora Plume
  • Neptune’s Plight
  • Odyssey Feather
  • Phoenix Tail
  • Dreamweaver Plume
  • Enchanted Plume
  • Sapphire Charm
  • Terra Quill
  • Zenith Plume
  • Radiance Reign
  • Cobalt Crown
  • Frost Feather
  • Dawn’s Display
  • Luminous Plume
  • Pavo Prowess
  • Arcane Feather
  • Whispering Plumage
  • Eclipse Plumage
  • Twilight Mirage
  • Mystic Plume
  • Infinity Plumage
  • Harmony Quill
  • Tempest Tail
  • Paragon Plume
  • Ember Eye
  • Solaris Shine
  • Verdant Veil
  • Cascade Crown

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White Peacock Names

White peacocks are the reflection of nature’s beauty with their majestic qualities in purest form. Following are the names that resonate the grace and essence of white peacocks.

White Peacock Names
  • Snow Majesty
  • Ivory Plume
  • Moonbeam Crest
  • Alabaster Tail
  • Winter Whisper
  • Crystal Crown
  • Pearl Plume
  • Ghost Feather
  • Arctic Grace
  • Cloud Serenade
  • Diamond Plume
  • Blizzard Quill
  • Celestial Snow
  • Frostbite Majesty
  • Polar Plume
  • Glacier Grace
  • Quartz Quill
  • Chalk Feather
  • Ice Crown
  • Snowflake Tail
  • Milky Plume
  • Swan Crest
  • Nimbus Grace
  • Frostwing Charm
  • Pale Specter
  • Vanilla Plume
  • Marshmallow Feather
  • Cotton Plume
  • Snowdrift Tail
  • Powder Puff
  • White Whisper
  • Angel Plume
  • Mist Feather
  • Avalanche Crest
  • Polar Spectacle
  • Ivory Whisper
  • Gossamer Wing
  • Phantom Plume
  • Porcelain Plume
  • Opal Essence
  • Silk Feather
  • Marsh Mist
  • Pure Majesty
  • Seraph Wing
  • Dove Plume
  • Chiffon Tail
  • Frost Mirage
  • Snowborn Grace
  • Lumina Plume

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Classic Names for Your Peacock

A name for your peacock can add a touch of tradition and timelessness in your bond. Following 50 names are classic titles for the heritage associated with peacocks.

  • Arthur Plume
  • Winston Tail
  • Bentley Crest
  • Victoria Feather
  • Maximilian Blue
  • Eleanor Plumage
  • Frederick Quill
  • Penelope Shine
  • Archibald Tail
  • Beatrice Glimmer
  • Cornelius Crown
  • Daphne Plume
  • Geoffrey Plume
  • Harriet Feather
  • Isadora Tail
  • Jasper Quill
  • Katharine Plume
  • Leonard Crest
  • Mildred Shine
  • Nathaniel Blue
  • Ophelia Plumage
  • Percival Tail
  • Quentin Plume
  • Rosalind Feather
  • Sebastian Quill
  • Theodora Shine
  • Ulysses Plume
  • Vivienne Tail
  • Wallace Feather
  • Xavier Crest
  • Yvonne Plume
  • Zachary Shine
  • Albert Quill
  • Bernadette Plumage
  • Clarence Tail
  • Dolores Plume
  • Ernest Feather
  • Florence Shine
  • Gilbert Quill
  • Henrietta Blue
  • Ignatius Crown
  • Josephine Plume
  • Lawrence Tail
  • Matilda Feather
  • Nigel Plume
  • Octavia Crest
  • Patrick Shine
  • Regina Plumage
  • Sylvia Tail
  • Theodore Feather

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Blue Peacock Names

The blue peacock is a symbol of grace and mystique. Following are 50 names that are crafted for blue peacocks each name reflects the vibrant and enchanting spirit of these magnificent birds.

Blue Peacock Names
  • Azure Plume
  • Cobalt Crest
  • Sapphire Tail
  • Indigo Wing
  • Sky Quill
  • Ocean Feather
  • Cerulean Gaze
  • Navy Grace
  • Royal Plume
  • Lagoon Whisper
  • Teal Majesty
  • Prussian Tail
  • Blue Moon
  • Neptune Plume
  • Pacific Plume
  • Cyan Feather
  • Azure Dream
  • Capri Crown
  • Zephyr Blue
  • Turquoise Tale
  • Periwinkle Plumage
  • Denim Plume
  • Blueberry Crest
  • Aquamarine Aura
  • Electric Plume
  • Marina Whisper
  • Peacock Azure
  • Midnight Plume
  • Skyline Feather
  • Cobalt Charm
  • Oceanic Opulence
  • Arctic Plume
  • Bali Bliss
  • Celeste Tail
  • Azure Aura
  • Blue Halo
  • Cornflower Crown
  • Sapphire Song
  • Ink Feather
  • Mystic Marine
  • Persian Plume
  • Ultramarine Undulation
  • Navy Nimbus
  • Blue Zenith
  • Indigo Illusion
  • Lapis Plume
  • Aegean Tail
  • Blue Haven
  • Velvet Blue
  • Iris Plume

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Minor Challenge in Naming Peacocks

Choosing perfect peacock names requires a serious consideration of numerous important factors. Gender is a primary aspect of this process.

You may find names inspired by color and their feathers which makes gender neutral names more intricate.

With huge name ideas it should be remembered that each is not suitable to every peacock regardless of their gender.

In our experience we have observed that names are inspired when you observe the behavior of your peacock

By shuffling through the content of the list of potential names and analyzing each separately you will find a perfect one so explore the paragraphs of the names list and find an ideal name for a peacock companion.


Naming your pet peacock can be a challenging but also rewarding task. Each bird has a unique personality, behavior and unique characteristics that require a fitting name.

From selection to identification each step has fun and creative endeavors filled with joy and sense of ownership.  

You are an experienced peacock owner or for the first time on an exciting adventure selecting peacock names will open a world of opportunities. This is a creative exercise that will make every bird memorable and endearing in its own right.

After this creative exploration a peacock owner will not only identify and differentiate each bird but also establish a profound bond of excitement and joy with these creatures.


Q1. What is the specific name of peacock?

The specific name of a peacock is “Indian Peafowl,” scientifically known as Pavo cristatus.

Q2. What is the name for a blue peacock?

A blue peacock is commonly referred to as a “Blue Indian Peafowl” due to its vibrant blue plumage.

Q3. What is another name for peacock bird?

Another name for a peacock bird is simply “peafowl,” which encompasses both male peacocks and female peahens.

Q4. What names mean peacock?

Names that mean peacock include variations like “Mor,” “Moritz,” or “Morag,” derived from the bird’s vivid plumage.

Q5. Is a peacock a male or female name?

A peacock typically refers to the male bird specifically, while the term “peafowl” is more inclusive, encompassing both males and females.

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