180+ Mighty Hippo Names: Rule the River Bold & Powerful

hippo names

Impressed by the captivating personality of these massive creatures, endearing snouts and agile movements, no one can deny the unique allure each hippo possesses.

As an enthusiast of these majestic beings, you must have the pleasure of exploring a diverse range of cool and funny hippo names that  suit the charm of these water loving beings.

Whether you have a plan to have one as a pet or just want a name for a fictional character or want a real life plush toy, the task of choosing the perfect title as per your requirement  can be a daunting task. 

Through this blog post we are sharing an exclusively crafted list of names that have got your covered for any king of hippo nature.

Baby Hippo Names

Welcome to the interesting world of hippo naming these huge creatures when they are babies can be exciting and challenging. Following is a list of names for baby hippo each with a unique charm. 

Baby Hippo Names
  • Lumina (nickname: Luna)
  • Nimbus (nickname: Nib)
  • Marigold (nickname: Mari)
  • Ollie (nickname: Oz)
  • Zephyr (nickname: Zep)
  • Juniper (nickname: June)
  • Avalanche (nickname: Ava)
  • Echo (nickname: Eddy)
  • Apollo (nickname: Ap)
  • Saffron (nickname: Saffy)
  • Coral (nickname: Cora)
  • River (nickname: Rio)
  • Pippin (nickname: Pip)
  • Phoenix (nickname: Phoebe)
  • Atlas (nickname: Atty)
  • Seraphina (nickname: Sera)
  • Blaze (nickname: Blizzy)
  • Meadow (nickname: Meddy)
  • Thistle (nickname: Thiss)
  • Cosmo (nickname: Cosy)
  • Ember (nickname: Em)
  • Magnolia (nickname: Maggie)
  • Caspian (nickname: Cas)
  • Sonata (nickname: Sonny)
  • Indigo (nickname: Indie)
  • Cascade (nickname: Cassie)
  • Jasper (nickname: Jazz)
  • Basil (nickname: Baz)
  • Solstice (nickname: Sol)
  • Meadowlark (nickname: Meadow)
  • Ocean (nickname: Ollie)
  • Fawn (nickname: Fawny)
  • Solara (nickname: Sol)
  • Willow (nickname: Willy)
  • Dahlia (nickname: Dolly)
  • Clover (nickname: Clo)
  • Luna (nickname: Lu)
  • Orion (nickname: Oreo)
  • Kairos (nickname: Kai)
  • Everest (nickname: Ever)
  • Aurora (nickname: Aura)

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Female Hippo Names – Elegance Meets Bulk!

Female hippo is a world where elegance meets bulk, these creatures have grace and strength in equal measure. Following are unique names for female hippos that will add charm to these behemoths. 

  • Celestia (nickname: Celi)
  • Seraphine (nickname: Sera)
  • Mariposa (nickname: Mari)
  • Tempest (nickname: Temp)
  • Bellatrix (nickname: Bella)
  • Odessa (nickname: Ode)
  • Symphony (nickname: Sym)
  • Elara (nickname: Ellie)
  • Galatea (nickname: Gala)
  • Valencia (nickname: Val)
  • Melody (nickname: Mel)
  • Artemis (nickname: Artie)
  • Juno (nickname: June)
  • Isadora (nickname: Issy)
  • Thalassa (nickname: Thalia)
  • Viola (nickname: Vivi)
  • Azura (nickname: Zuri)
  • Lotus (nickname: Lottie)
  • Serenity (nickname: Sera)
  • Selene (nickname: Selly)
  • Sahara (nickname: Sara)
  • Nova (nickname: Noa)
  • Clementine (nickname: Clem)
  • Amethyst (nickname: Amy)
  • Galadriel (nickname: Gala)
  • Ophelia (nickname: Ophie)
  • Calista (nickname: Callie)
  • Zephyra (nickname: Zephy)
  • Mirage (nickname: Mira)
  • Soraya (nickname: Sora)
  • Electra (nickname: Ellie)
  • Valentina (nickname: Val)
  • Melisandre (nickname: Meli)
  • Calypso (nickname: Cally)
  • Indira (nickname: Indy)
  • Elysia (nickname: Ellie)
  • Cassiopeia (nickname: Cassi)
  • Athena (nickname: Athy)

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Male Hippo Names – Kings of the River!

Male hippos are kings of the river who command authority and respect with their imposing presence. Following names will add an extra layer of majesty to the stature of these regal rulers.

  • Thorin (nickname: Thor)
  • Hercules (nickname: Herc)
  • Maverick (nickname: Mav)
  • Caesar (nickname: C)
  • Ragnar (nickname: Raggy)
  • Thunder (nickname: Thundy)
  • Odin (nickname: Ody)
  • Tyrant (nickname: Tyran)
  • Shadow (nickname: Shady)
  • Javelin (nickname: Javvy)
  • Goliath (nickname: Golly)
  • Colossus (nickname: Colly)
  • Magnum (nickname: Maggy)
  • Phantom (nickname: Phanny)
  • Sultan (nickname: Sult)
  • Titan (nickname: T)
  • Brutus (nickname: Bruty)
  • Zeus (nickname: Zuzu)
  • Maximus (nickname: Maxy)
  • Regulus (nickname: Reggie)
  • Nebula (nickname: Neb)
  • Monarch (nickname: Mon)
  • Sovereign (nickname: Sov)
  • Thunderbolt (nickname: Bolt)
  • Citadel (nickname: Cid)
  • Valiant (nickname: Val)
  • Emperor (nickname: Em)
  • Tyrannus (nickname: Ty)
  • Sentinel (nickname: Sen)
  • Gladiator (nickname: Glad)
  • Thunderhead (nickname: Thud)
  • Kronos (nickname: Kron)
  • Behemoth (nickname: Bemo)
  • Ares (nickname: Ari)
  • Dominator (nickname: Dom)
  • Juggernaut (nickname: Jug)
  • Tyrantus (nickname: Ty)
  • Bravo (nickname: B)
  • Ragnarok (nickname: Rags)
  • Jupiter (nickname: Jup)
  • Titanus (nickname: Tit)
  • Azrael (nickname: Az)
  • Vanguard (nickname: Van)

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Cartoon Hippopotamus Names

The world of cartoons where imagination has no bounds, these lovable characters bring joy and laughter on every face. These names will add an extra dose of laughter in these characters.

Cartoon Hippopotamus Names
  • Bubblesaurus (nickname: Bubs)
  • Snorkletooth (nickname: Snork)
  • Giggleberry (nickname: Gig)
  • Quirkle (nickname: Quirky)
  • Jollypop (nickname: Jolly)
  • Dazzlehoof (nickname: Dazz)
  • Wigglesnout (nickname: Wiggle)
  • Chucklechunk (nickname: Chuck)
  • Whimsywhirl (nickname: Whim)
  • Fluffykins (nickname: Fluffy)
  • Snugglebug (nickname: Bug)
  • Zippityzoom (nickname: Zip)
  • Twinkletoes (nickname: Twink)
  • Bellybounce (nickname: Belly)
  • Hoppityhop (nickname: Hop)
  • Sprinklesnout (nickname: Sprinkle)
  • Cuddlecake (nickname: Cake)
  • Puddingpaws (nickname: Pud)
  • Gigglegoo (nickname: Goo)
  • Bubblebeam (nickname: Bubble)
  • Snugglebuns (nickname: Buns)
  • Huggablehoof (nickname: Hug)
  • Fluffernutter (nickname: Fluff)
  • Waddlewag (nickname: Waddle)
  • Jigglyjaws (nickname: Jig)
  • Doodlebug (nickname: Dood)
  • Gigglewiggle (nickname: Wig)
  • Chucklesnort (nickname: Snort)
  • Whiskerwhirl (nickname: Whirly)
  • Snickerdoodle (nickname: Snicker)
  • Wobblewump (nickname: Wobble)
  • Chuckleberry (nickname: Chub)
  • Snugglepuff (nickname: Snuggle)
  • Gigglesnort (nickname: Giggly)

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Famous Hippopotamus Names

Pop culture and history even has passion for these giant creatures. Following names have accompanied these creatures to leave their mark in history.

  • Tawny (nickname: Taw)
  • Lucinda (nickname: Lucy)
  • Pablo (nickname: Pabs)
  • Lulu (nickname: Lu)
  • Nile (nickname: Nilo)
  • Penelope (nickname: Penny)
  • Cleopatra (nickname: Cleo)
  • Humphrey (nickname: Humph)
  • Zelda (nickname: Zel)
  • Obelix (nickname: Obi)
  • Hippocrates (nickname: Hippo)
  • Hattie (nickname: Hat)
  • Pharaoh (nickname: Pharo)
  • Beatrice (nickname: Bea)
  • Ludwig (nickname: Ludo)
  • Roxanne (nickname: Roxy)
  • Biggie (nickname: Big)
  • Marvin (nickname: Marv)
  • Harriet (nickname: Harry)
  • Nero (nickname: Ne)
  • Matilda (nickname: Matty)
  • Pumbaa (nickname: Pum)
  • Jabba (nickname: Jab)
  • Gloria (nickname: Glo)
  • Daisy (nickname: Daze)
  • Gertie (nickname: Gert)
  • Jumbo (nickname: Jum)
  • Henri (nickname: Harry)
  • Gigi (nickname: G)
  • Henrietta (nickname: Hen)

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Tips For Choosing Perfect Hippo Names

If you are on the hunt for a perfect hippo name then the following tips are must that you must keep in your mind for crafting a delightful name.

1. Consider Personality and Temperament

The personality and temperament play a crucial role in determining the behavior of any creature. Guess your hippo is a playful partner or a serious creature. If your hippo is jolly type names like happy or bubbles can be perfect but if he is authoritative, names like boss or humpy can be better choices.

2. Think About Size

The size of your hippo can also inspire a name. A large size hippo can be named like Tank, Chunk or Beefcake that resonate its big size feature. 

3. Reference Appearance

Observing your hippo appearance can give you a good idea for crafting their name. Check if they have any distinctive feature color or any specific spot or wrinkles. 

4. Pay Homage to Others

Paying homage to other hippos can add an extra layer of attraction in your hippo names. From legendary Owen to the whimsical Bubbles, drawing ideas from well known hippos can give significance to your names.


Wrapping Up with a Hippo-Sized Smile!

When you welcome a hippo into your life, whether a pet or a fictional companion, it will be an adorable moment filled with sweet and silly memories where you can explore extensive possibilities. 

Each name resonates with the hippo’s unique characteristics and identity of their lifetime story. As you reflect their traits, you will find an opportunity to deepen the bond between you and your loved hippo.

Equipped with the list of names and helpful tips, you will dive into the ocean of exploring the naming possibilities. Let your imagination craft a special name that your hippo deserves and and truly resonates with your heart and brings happiness.

Q1.What is the name of the famous hippo?

The name of the famous hippo is Fiona. She gained worldwide fame at the Cincinnati Zoo for overcoming health challenges and captivating audiences with her story.

Q2. What is the name of the purple hippo?

The name of the purple hippo is Barney. He is a beloved children’s character from the television show “Barney & Friends,” known for his friendly demeanor.

Q3. What is the feminine name for a hippopotamus?

The feminine name for a hippopotamus is cow. While both male and female hippos are often referred to as hippos, a female hippo can be specifically called a cow.

Q4. What is a hippo’s scientific name?

A hippo’s scientific name is Hippopotamus amphibius. This species of large herbivorous mammal is native to sub-Saharan Africa and is characterized by its semi-aquatic lifestyle.

Q5. Is a male hippo called a bull?

Yes, a male hippo is called a bull. Bulls are known for their large size, aggressive behavior during mating season, and territorial nature in the wild.

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