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Welcome to the world of ice and cold hiding the true gems of walrus names in the depths of freezing oceans. You will here explore the perfect monikers for your tusked friend that surely captures the unique personality and charm of your beloved walrus.

With just a simple click you can navigate through a list of curated names rather than random choices so you can save favorites and select one of the best suits your flippered pal. If you have spent years studying these majestic creatures you are surely aware of the significance of a name that reflects his personality.

So no more further delay, it’s time to explore our delightful and creative collection of names.

What Is A Walrus Scientific Name?

facts about walrus

Odobenus Rosmarus is the scientific name of Walrus. The name is derived from Latin language, where “Odobenus” means “tooth walker”, belonging to the walrus’ use of its tusks to pull itself along ice and “rosmarus” means “old horse” thought to be derived from old norse words. 

Walrus Species Names

Walruses belong to the family Odobenidae, and there is only one extant species of walrus: Odobenus rosmarus. This species is further divided into two recognized subspecies:

1. Atlantic Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus)

  • Distribution: Found in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic Ocean.
  • Range: Primarily around northeastern Canada to Greenland, and some populations extend into the Arctic waters of Norway and Russia.
  • Details: Atlantic walruses tend to be slightly smaller than their Pacific counterparts. They inhabit shallow waters and prefer areas with large ice floes, which they use for resting and giving birth.

2. Pacific Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens)

  • Distribution: Found in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean.
  • Range: Primarily in the Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, and adjacent waters of the Arctic Ocean. They can be seen around Alaska (USA) and the eastern parts of Russia.
  • Details: Pacific walruses are generally larger than Atlantic walruses. They are known to migrate seasonally, spending winters in the Bering Sea and moving northward to the Chukchi Sea in the summer as the ice recedes.
funny names for walrus

Walrus is an amazing creature that has amused people with their mustache faces and tusks and have also inspired creative names. Following name will surely bring a touch of a smile on the bond you both share. 

  • Blubber Bob
  • Tusk Tango
  • Flipper Fred
  • Whisker Willy
  • Iceberg Ike
  • Splashy Sam
  • Blubbery Bill
  • Frosty Frank
  • Snuggle Snout
  • Chill Charlie
  • Cozy Carl
  • Puddle Pete
  • Bubbly Ben
  • Slippery Sid
  • Tusk Tilly
  • Glacier Gus
  • Fuzzy Frank
  • Blub Boomer
  • Arctic Andy
  • Bellyflop Barry
  • Frosty Flora
  • Whiskers Wendy
  • Icicle Ian
  • Splash Susie
  • Blub Bruce
  • Snorkel Steve
  • Freezy Freda
  • Waddle Wendy
  • Tusk Terry
  • Bubbly Bess
  • Frost Fiona
  • Puddle Paul
  • Icy Izzy
  • Blubber Becky
  • Wobble Wally
  • Arctic Alice
  • Flipper Flora
  • Glacier Gabe
  • Cozy Connie
  • Tusk Tim
  • Snuggle Ned
  • Slippery Sue
  • Iceberg Ingrid
  • Bellyflop Bob
  • Frosty Faye
  • Whisker Walter
  • Splashy Stella
  • Blub Barbara
  • Waddle Walter

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cute names for walrus

Walruses express unique characteristics that fill their personality with charm making them an endearing creature. From their playful antics to majestic tusks each walrus requires a distinct name just like them.

  • Wally Wink
  • Flipper Fluff
  • Bubbles McTusks
  • Tuskie Toes
  • Sandy Snout
  • Frosty Whiskers
  • Pebble Paws
  • Velvet Fins
  • Chubby Chuck
  • Tilly Tusk
  • Puddle Jumper
  • Blubber Bug
  • Smiley Fin
  • Snorkel Snout
  • Waddle Wiggles
  • Puffy Paws
  • Tinker Tusk
  • Fluffy Finn
  • Bumpy Belle
  • Wobble Wisk
  • Giggly Gus
  • Splashy Snoop
  • Bubble Bop
  • Cozy Cove
  • Whisker Woo
  • Squeaky Snout
  • Frosty Fuzz
  • Wiggle Wisk
  • Chunky Chip
  • Wavy Walt
  • Blubber Buddy
  • Pebble Pete
  • Tuskie Tim
  • Snowball Snout
  • Splashy Sam
  • Fuzzy Finn
  • Chubby Chase
  • Squishy Sue
  • Wobble Wally
  • Snorkel Sid
  • Puffy Pete
  • Waddle Wilbur
  • Frosty Fred
  • Velvet Vera
  • Cozy Cliff
  • Giggly Gail
  • Bumpy Ben
  • Sandy Scout
  • Wavy Wanda

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names for male walrus

Discovery, a unique name for male walruses, opens a new dimension to appreciate the creation of these magnificent marine creatures. These are a perfect reflection of their majestic presence which makes them more endearing to enthusiasts and caretakers.

  • Arctic Blaze
  • Frosty Drift
  • Icebound Duke
  • Polar Shade
  • Glacier Knight
  • Ocean Baron
  • Snowy Ridge
  • Winter Gale
  • Coastal Brute
  • Aqua Shard
  • Frost Claw
  • Tundra Stalwart
  • Brumal Crest
  • Glacier Guardian
  • Arctic King
  • Northbound Rogue
  • Icy Bulwark
  • Polar Sentry
  • Chill Sovereign
  • Snowdrift Chief
  • Tidal Surge
  • Boreal Nomad
  • Frozen Pillar
  • Walrus Wrath
  • Northern Glow
  • Whitecap Lord
  • Berg Giant
  • Arctic Beast
  • Glacial Shade
  • Icy Aegis
  • Snowy Vanguard
  • Frost Herald
  • Iceberg Chief
  • Polar Bluster
  • Winter Sovereign
  • Tusked Tempest
  • Oceanic Titan
  • Snow Peak
  • Arctic Drift
  • Frostbane
  • Tundra Colossus
  • Glacial Titan
  • Polar Sentinel
  • Winterborne
  • Icebreaker
  • Frost Veil
  • Brumal Fury
  • Arctic Valor

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walrus names for female

Every being deserves a perfect companion which leads to a whimsical journey of female walruses. Each name here is crafted with care to ensure the essence of the unique identity of these majestic marine companion. 

  • Luna Wave
  • Stella Frost
  • Marla Drift
  • Coral Whisker
  • Velvet Tide
  • Aurora Mist
  • Glacia Bloom
  • Isla Pearl
  • Nara Surf
  • Opal Crest
  • Freya Splash
  • Zara Frostbite
  • Elara Moon
  • Misty Cove
  • Nova Swirl
  • Talia Breeze
  • Serene Shore
  • Kora Glint
  • Mira Tundra
  • Bella Ripple
  • Lila Driftwood
  • Juno Splash
  • Evie Glacier
  • Sable Tide
  • Aura Drift
  • Lyra Frosty
  • Nira Cove
  • Mina Spray
  • Keira Wave
  • Pippa Shell
  • Zinnia Ice
  • Flora Drift
  • Greta Mist
  • Ivy Glacier
  • Olive Swell
  • Selene Frost
  • Tilda Surf
  • Mira Dew
  • Elowen Frost
  • Xara Tidal
  • Willa Shore
  • Harlow Ice
  • Odette Cove
  • Lyric Frost
  • Vesper Tundra
  • Sora Shell
  • Ember Drift
  • Orla Glint
  • Fauna Swirl
  • Pearl Breeze

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walrus famous names

The world of walruses has a treasure trove of strength and serenity. These gentle giants of the Arctic have the ability to captivate our imagination with their fascinating behaviors. 

  • Arctic Titan
  • Tusk Master
  • Glacial Guardian
  • Ice Commander
  • Neptune’s Herald
  • Blizzard Brute
  • Frozen Majesty
  • Polar Duke
  • Tundra Chief
  • Winter Sentinel
  • Sea Ruler
  • Frost Emperor
  • Iceberg Titan
  • Arctic Sovereign
  • Tusk Tyrant
  • Frost Viceroy
  • Glacier Emperor
  • Winter Duke
  • Ice Lord
  • Polar Monarch
  • Frost Sentinel
  • Marine Emperor
  • Arctic Knight
  • Ice Prince
  • Winter Warden
  • Polar King
  • Glacial Viceroy
  • Tundra Lord
  • Ocean Commander
  • Frost Sovereign
  • Ice Sage
  • Polar Viceroy
  • Marine Lord
  • Arctic Emperor
  • Winter Monarch
  • Glacier Chief
  • Frost Knight
  • Polar Sovereign
  • Ice Duke
  • Winter Lord
  • Glacial Monarch
  • Ocean Warden
  • Arctic Chief
  • Tusk Sovereign
  • Marine Duke

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walrus names in other languages

Walruses’ names in different languages gives us an opportunity to explore the world of cultural and linguistic diversity. Each with its own story unveils the majestic ways of interaction with these magnificent beings. 

  • Arctic Giant (English)
  • Mar Mor (Spanish)
  • Morska Sowa (Polish)
  • Isbjørnefar (Norwegian)
  • Valros (Swedish)
  • Morský Lev (Slovak)
  • Morská Krava (Slovenian)
  • Morski Ogr (Serbian)
  • Deniz İneği (Turkish)
  • Morsh Voyin (Ukrainian)
  • Morsy Lwy (Czech)
  • Morskie Misie (Russian)
  • Mer Bjørn (Danish)
  • Merlone (Italian)
  • Válečník Vody (Czech)
  • Havokjempe (Norwegian)
  • Monstre Marin (French)
  • Monstro Marinho (Portuguese)
  • Ippopotamo Marino (Italian)
  • Zeemor (Dutch)
  • Umi Kujira (Japanese)
  • Hai Xiong (Chinese)
  • Bahr Asad (Arabic)
  • Mor Kral (Turkish)
  • Merbjörn (Icelandic)
  • Mors Kyne (Estonian)
  • Mor Glóir (Irish)
  • Vodny Lev (Slovak)
  • Wasserwalross (German)
  • Morská Krava (Hungarian)
  • Cinghiale Marino (Italian)
  • Wasserlöwe (German)
  • Mar Lvo (Galician)
  • Marelle (Romanian)
  • Tengis Mor (Kazakh)
  • Bahri Domuz (Turkish)
  • Mor Warior (Welsh)
  • Umi Hebi (Japanese)
  • Foca Marinha (Portuguese)
  • Mer Ours (French)
  • Marea Mașină (Romanian)
  • Marelk (Basque)
  • Wasser Kuh (German)
  • Orso Marino (Italian)
  • Hav Orm (Danish)
  • Marine Vark (Dutch)
  • Morská Medveď (Slovak)
  • Mare Urs (Romanian)
  • Oso de Mar (Spanish)

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family names for walrus

Capture the unique and imaginative essence of walrus families with the following names. These names are inspired by the distinct characteristics of these giant mammals. 

  • Ice Whiskers
  • Frosty Tusks
  • Arctic Drifters
  • Blubber Guardians
  • Snowy Noses
  • Frozen Giants
  • Glacier Wanderers
  • Ocean Kings
  • Tundra Titans
  • Iceberg Clan
  • Frostbite Troop
  • Snowpack Herd
  • Glacial Warriors
  • FrostWorld Clan
  • Icy Vanguard
  • Permafrost Pals
  • Chill Guardians
  • Snowflake Herd
  • Arctic Echoes
  • Winter Wonders
  • Iceberg Nomads
  • Frostflare Clan
  • Snowy Sentinels
  • Polar Breeze
  • Frozen Legends
  • Icewhisper Herd
  • Frostbite Clan
  • Arctic Gliders
  • Polar Prowlers
  • Snowdrift Wanderers
  • Iceberg Monarchs
  • Frostwave Family
  • Glacial Voyagers
  • Snowcap Sentinels
  • Tundra Guardians
  • Icy Whiskers
  • Arctic Sentinels
  • Frostmane Clan
  • Icewave Nomads
  • Snowfall Guardians
  • Polar Nomads
  • Iceberg Legends
  • Frostwhisper Clan
  • Arctic Legends
  • Glacial Nomads
  • Snowdrift Guardians
  • Polar Champions
  • Iceberg Wanderers

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other walrus names

Exploring a diverse array of naming options allows us to explore and appreciate the creativity that different languages offer. Each name has its own aspect for a fascinating marine mammal that showcases its unique features in both arctic and subarctic regions.

  • Arctic Behemoth
  • Tusk Titan
  • Brine Monarch
  • Ice Leviathan
  • Polar Titan
  • Ocean Sage
  • Glacial Giant
  • Bristle Beast
  • Aqua Guardian
  • Frost Sentinel
  • Tusk Baron
  • Marine Titan
  • Water Colossus
  • Icy Noble
  • Arctic Colossus
  • Saltwater King
  • Polar Patriarch
  • Oceanic Lord
  • Ice Sovereign
  • Frost King
  • Brine Titan
  • Polar Giant
  • Aqua Monarch
  • Arctic Sage
  • Ice Titan
  • Brine Guardian
  • Frost Behemoth
  • Marine Leviathan
  • Icy Sentinel
  • Arctic Sovereign
  • Oceanic Patriarch
  • Polar Sage
  • Glacier Lord
  • Brine Beast
  • Ice Monarch
  • Arctic Monarch
  • Frost Titan
  • Polar Baron
  • Ocean Colossus
  • Tusk Guardian
  • Icy Colossus
  • Aqua Behemoth
  • Frost Guardian
  • Bristle Titan
  • Ice Guardian
  • Marine Monarch
  • Arctic Baron
  • Water Titan
  • Tusk King
  • Brine King

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How To Choose the Perfect Name For Your Walrus?

For creating unique walrus names that can capture the special identity of your bison there are certain factors you should never overlook.

The physical appearance and personality traits of your walrus can craft a perfect catchy title that will back his strong presence as your beloved pet. Don’t forget to understand the meaning and the symbolism of the chosen name as a significant factor related to walrus habitat and inherent depth.

Additionally an easy name which you are comfortable to pronounce can foster a strong bond between both of you. Never opt for a complicated or lengthy name as it can distract from the memorable essence you are striving for.

Rather than personalize your name by incorporating a combination of your favorite words infrared with your hobbies and interests. I am sure that the above tips will help you to craft a name that will capture the essence of your relationship for the year 2024. 

A perfect moniker for your tusked friend is a portal to the whimsical world that gives insights about their fascinating habitats and unique characteristics. A title that truly captures the unique personality and charm of your walrus is not just anime but a testament of friendship you share with.

With a comprehensive list of names here you can save favorites and select a one that best suits not just your fliperred pal but also your personal bond. So explore the delightful options in this creative collection and do tell us in the comments about your ideal name choice.


Q1. What does the name walrus mean?

The name “walrus” is believed to originate from the Old Norse word “hvalröðr,” meaning “whale’s horse,” likely due to its large size and tusks resembling horse teeth.

Q2. What color is a walrus?

Walruses typically have a brown or pinkish-gray coloration, often with mottled patches. Their skin is covered in a layer of blubber, which helps insulate them and gives them their characteristic appearance.

Q3. Are walrus canines?

Yes, walruses possess long, ivory tusks, which are actually elongated canine teeth. These tusks can grow to be several feet in length and are primarily used for defense, cutting through ice, and helping them haul themselves out of the water.

Q4. What is walrus’s real name?

The scientific name for the walrus is Odobenus rosmarus, derived from Latin and Greek words meaning “tooth-walking sea-horse.” This name reflects some of the key characteristics and behaviors of the species.

Q5. What is the second name of walrus?

The walrus is often referred to by its genus name, Odobenus, which is derived from Greek words meaning “tooth walker,” emphasizing the importance of its tusks in locomotion and other activities.

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