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Turkeys the iconic symbols of Maryland’s wildlife, among the vast expanse of forests turkey reigns supreme as the sole subspecies in the region. These omnivores have bonded them in our life that have a place more than just a source of meat.

These gobblers as symbols of wildness and resilience have the potential of captivating both imagination and the heart. This discourse steps into the journey of turkeys names that delves into every aspect of their existence. 

Our exploration reveals a treasure trove of names for these majestic birds that will unveil the behavior and cultural significance of these creatures.

So join us on this amazing adventure that will unravel the mysteries behind the names of these iconic avian. 

What Are Turkeys Called in Turkey

In Turkey the iconic bird which is often confused with its identity is known as hindi which means bird from India. It is because every language has its own tapestry and linguistic nature.

In other languages Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and French call it dinde, a short form of coq d’inde, a name that references India. In India the turkey is referred to as turkey.

Good Turkeys Names 

Flocks of turkeys, a sound of nature, gather round to admire these beautiful creatures. Each name is as vibrant and colorful as these creatures are themselves.

  • Rustlewing
  • Gobbleburst
  • Feathertrot
  • Cluckbounce
  • Quill Flurry
  • Drumplume
  • Peckish
  • Wattlewhirl
  • Strut Flare
  • Plumpshine
  • Wingwhisper
  • Beakflash
  • Tailspin
  • Tasseltrail
  • Snoodswirl
  • Flapdance
  • Trotwiggle
  • Plumejive
  • Gobbleglint
  • Strideglow
  • Fluffflutter
  • Crestbounce
  • Drumdash
  • Peckdash
  • Wattlewave
  • Quillspin
  • Featherflare
  • Peckplume
  • Rustlestride
  • Snoodtwirl
  • Plumpquill
  • Beakfluff
  • Tailswish
  • Tasseldash
  • Clucktwist
  • Strutshuffle
  • Wingwhirl
  • Gobbletwirl
  • Flapfluff
  • Trotflurry
  • Plumeshimmer
  • Crestswirl
  • Drumflutter
  • Wattleflap
  • Quillwhisk
  • Featherflash
  • Rustleflurry
  • Snoodshuffle
  • Plumpdash
  • Beakbounce

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Names For Female Turkeys

Welcoming female turkeys radiant and delightful creatures adorned with a name that reflects their grace and charm. Each of the following names are specifically tailored for these creatures.

  • Glimmerwing
  • Rosefeather
  • Daisydance
  • Lunafluff
  • Peachplume
  • Willowwhisper
  • Blossomflutter
  • Lilytwirl
  • Rubystrut
  • Amberbounce
  • Violetswirl
  • Ivyflap
  • Pearlplume
  • Daisydash
  • Hazelhaze
  • Irisfluff
  • Emberglow
  • Willowwhirl
  • Mistytwist
  • Opalflap
  • Fernfeather
  • Coralshine
  • Petalplume
  • Lunaflurry
  • Meadowtwirl
  • Willowwhisk
  • Blossomswirl
  • Rubytwirl
  • Lilyfluff
  • Hazel Hush
  • Iris Flap
  • Amberglow
  • Coralwhirl
  • Emberglint
  • Fernflurry
  • Lilytwist
  • Meadowflap
  • Rubywhirl
  • Daisytwirl
  • Coralfluff
  • Amberglint
  • Mistywhisper
  • Ivytwist

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Names For Male Turkeys

In the world turkeys male have their own fortune. Bonded with a name presents a unique personality. Following list of names are perfect to capture the essence of these birds.

  • Bramble
  • Dusk
  • Flint
  • Haven
  • Moss
  • Obsidian
  • Quill
  • Ridge
  • Sorrel
  • Thorne
  • Vale
  • Wren
  • Azur
  • Cypress
  • Grove
  • Kairos
  • Midnight
  • Onyx
  • Rowan
  • Swift
  • Blaze
  • Dawn
  • Frost
  • Hawk
  • Indigo
  • Lyric
  • Oak
  • Peregrine
  • River
  • Sage
  • Talon
  • Basil
  • Cloud
  • Hawthorn
  • Jett
  • Lark
  • Nova
  • Pike
  • Raven
  • Slate
  • Thorn
  • Vesper
  • Drift
  • Falcon
  • Quest
  • Storm
  • Valor

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|| Different Names For Turkeys

Different Names For Turkeys

A diverse range of turkeys names unique and inventive each name captures the essence of these birds in just two words. Following names will surely add a touch of flair to your birds.

  • Gobbler King
  • Feather Majesty
  • Plumage Prince
  • Quill Monarch
  • Fowl Sovereign
  • Roast Ruler
  • Drumstick Duke
  • Wattle Lord
  • Peck Emperor
  • Caruncle Chief
  • Strut Baron
  • Beak Boss
  • Tom Titan
  • Hen Hero
  • Tail Baroness
  • Crest Duchess
  • Beak Diva
  • Gobble Goddess
  • Drumstick Dame
  • Peck Empress
  • Roast Regent
  • Wattle Queen
  • Caruncle Countess
  • Strut Sultana
  • Beak Belle
  • Gobble Guardian
  • Plumage Paladin
  • Drumstick Defender
  • Peck Protector
  • Caruncle Champion
  • Strut Sentinel
  • Wattle Warrior
  • Beak Knight
  • Gobble Gladiator
  • Plumage Paragon
  • Drumstick Dynamo
  • Peck Paladin
  • Caruncle Crusader
  • Strut Sorcerer
  • Wattle Wizard
  • Beak Bandit
  • Gobble Ghost
  • Plumage Phantom
  • Drumstick Druid
  • Peck Pixie
  • Caruncle Conjurer
  • Strut Sage
  • Wattle Witch
  • Beak Bard

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Nicknames For Turkeys

Crafting names for turkeys can be as interesting as observing these amazing creatures. Following is a list of names inspired by these majestic creatures that reflect their lively presence. 

  • Feather Prince
  • Cluckster Chief
  • Plume Pals
  • Beak Buddy
  • Wattle Wonder
  • Quill Quester
  • Strut Star
  • Tail Troupe
  • Drumming Dynamo
  • Roost Ruler
  • Peck Pair
  • Crested Charmer
  • Gobble Gang
  • Tail Feather Titan
  • Strut Squad
  • Drumstick Dazzler
  • Peck Prince
  • Quill Queen
  • Feathered Friend
  • Crested Comrade
  • Gobble Guru
  • Tail Tornado
  • Strut Sidekick
  • Wattle Whiz
  • Drumstick Darling
  • Peck Partner
  • Quill Quirker
  • Feather Fellow
  • Crested Companion
  • Tail Twister
  • Strut Striker
  • Wattle Whirlwind
  • Drumstick Delight
  • Peck Pal
  • Quill Quipper
  • Feather Fan
  • Crested Critter
  • Gobble Guide
  • Tail Trailblazer
  • Beak Beau
  • Strut Sage
  • Wattle Wanderer

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A-Z Turkeys Names

Fill the world of your turkey names with the following names each one as vibrant and distinct as the feathers on their tails.

  • Azure Gobbler
  • Blazing Beak
  • Crimson Plumage
  • Dazzle Tom
  • Ember Strutter
  • Feathered Flame
  • Golden Wattle
  • Harvest Hooter
  • Ivory Drumstick
  • Jade Jive
  • Kaleidoscope Tom
  • Luna Strut
  • Midnight Tassel
  • Nebula Nibbler
  • Opal Oak
  • Phoenix Pecker
  • Quasar Quill
  • Radiant Roost
  • Solar Swagger
  • Twilight Treader
  • Umber Feathers
  • Velvet Valor
  • Whisper Wing
  • Xenon Zephyr
  • Yonder Yelper
  • Zesty Zircon
  • Amber Plume
  • Borealis Brawler
  • Celestial Cackle
  • Dawn Dancer
  • Echo Egret
  • Flame Fowl
  • Gilded Gobbler
  • Haze Hen
  • Inferno Instigator
  • Juniper Jester
  • Kinetic King
  • Luminous Lark
  • Mystic Molt
  • Nova Nester
  • Orchid Ovation
  • Prism Preen
  • Quiver Quill
  • Radiant Ruffle
  • Saffron Stride
  • Thunder Talon
  • Ultraviolet Utter
  • Vibrant Vireo
  • Whimsy Wattle
  • Zenith Zest

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How To Choose Perfect Turkeys Names?

Selecting turkeys names is vital as it reflects the unique personality and identity and essence. When you are on the name hunt don’t forget about the elements like personality and physical traits or even aquatic habitat.

Observing their behaviors and habits can provide valuable insights into their character. You can draw inspiration from nature or history or stories that the chosen name carries positive vibes and majestic nature of these furry creatures.

Never forget that the right turkey names should make you feel a personal connection. As it will be a fundamental part of your friendship. So take your time and trust your senses to find the perfect turkey names. 

As an enthusiast and also an observer of these furry creatures that navigate around the ground, finding a perfect name for furry creatures is more than an art.

Crafting a comprehensive list of turkeys names with an imaginative touch, one can capture the essence of these charming creatures.

A carefully curated collection of options is a better choice rather than selecting random titles especially those that match with the world of these heavy birds.

Remember certain names stand out for these winged gems, that capture their breezy nature or have reflection of perfect companionship. 


Q1. What is Turkey’s original name?

Turkeys’ original name is “Meleagris gallopavo,” derived from the Latin term. It’s also commonly known as “turkey” after the country.

Q2. Do baby turkeys have a name?

Baby turkeys are called “poults.” They don’t have specific names but are referred to collectively as a group of poults.

Q3. What do turkeys eat?

Turkeys are omnivores, consuming a diet of seeds, nuts, fruits, insects, and small reptiles or amphibians they find while foraging.

Q4. Where do turkeys sleep?

Turkeys typically roost in trees at night to avoid predators. They perch on branches or in dense vegetation for safety.

Q5. What do turkeys drink?

Turkeys primarily drink water to stay hydrated. They may also consume dew or eat juicy fruits and vegetation for additional moisture.

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