Feathered Friends: (Explore) 520+ Unique Rooster Names

rooster names

Roosters are amazing feathery friends born in varieties each having its own unique blend of personality traits.

The name of handsome roo to funny little fellow each has its own beauty. These little beings can be named on the basis of physical appearance or even on individual quirks.

If you have welcomed a new backyard flock recently you may be curious to name your pets. So take your time to observe your friends behavior and characteristics.

You need cute cool or pun based rooster names for your companion. We welcome you to the world of rooster names where each name carries itself a story and charm.

Popular rooster names

Naming your backyards can be an interesting adventure. It’s all about capturing their bold and regal personalities.

Popular rooster names

Following are freshly handpicked rooster names to make your feathered friend stand out from the flock.

  • Sunrise King
  • Comet Tail
  • Rusty Spurs
  • Thunder Beak
  • Blaze Feather
  • Storm Crower
  • Crimson Crest
  • Golden Talon
  • Shadow Plume
  • Azure Sky
  • Frost Comb
  • Jet Wing
  • Solar Flare
  • Moon Strider
  • Ruby Roost
  • Emerald Eye
  • Saffron Song
  • Iron Claw
  • Velvet Crow
  • Titan Peck
  • Sapphire Strut
  • Onyx Caw
  • Pearl Plucker
  • Zephyr Beak
  • Flint Feather
  • Loki Crows
  • Phoenix Rise
  • Merlin’s Crest
  • Thunder Cluck
  • Neptune’s Call
  • Orion Stride
  • Jasper Crow
  • Garnet Gaze
  • Echo Wing
  • Mystic Cackle
  • Frostbite Crow
  • Bramble Beak
  • Tornado Tail
  • Midnight Strut
  • Aurora Chant
  • Zenith Caw
  • Cobalt Crow
  • Topaz Trill
  • Omega Peck
  • Quartz Quack
  • Rebel Roost
  • Nimbus Feather
  • Halo Hop
  • Vega Croon
  • Titan’s Tune

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Famous Rooster Names

Every rooster name has its own spirit making him different from other birds.

Famous Rooster names

Following list of names is inspired by the famous characters and movie stars that will make your rooster name memorable.

  • Foghorn Leghorn (from the Looney Tunes)
  • Rocky Rhode (inspired by Rocky Road and Rhode Island Red chickens)
  • Elvis Plucker (a play on Elvis Presley)
  • Cluck Norris (inspired by Chuck Norris)
  • Beaker Bantam (after Beaker from The Muppets and the Bantam breed)
  • Hen Solo (a pun on Han Solo from Star Wars)
  • Feather Locklear (after actress Heather Locklear)
  • Poultrygeist (a fun play on poltergeist)
  • Crow McCartney (inspired by Paul McCartney)
  • Drake Mallard (from Darkwing Duck, also a play on duck species)
  • Captain Cluck (a nautical or superhero-inspired name)
  • Gizzard Gandalf (after Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings)
  • Chanticleer (from the movie “Rock-a-Doodle”)
  • Robin Redbreast (a play on the bird species and Robin Hood)
  • Peckachu (a pun on Pikachu from Pokémon)
  • Dumbledore Plume (after Dumbledore from Harry Potter)
  • Cluck Gable (inspired by Clark Gable)
  • Eggbert Einstein (after Albert Einstein)
  • Crowvid David (a playful take involving crows)
  • Bilbo Beakins (inspired by Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit)
  • Spartacus Peck (after the historical figure Spartacus)
  • Cockerel Columbus (a play on Christopher Columbus)
  • Bantam Stark (inspired by Tony Stark/Iron Man)
  • Henneth Paltrow (a pun on Gwyneth Paltrow)
  • Marlon Bantam (after Marlon Brando)
  • Jimmy Talon (a play on Jimmy Fallon)
  • Quentin Tarantulock (inspired by Quentin Tarantino)
  • Crowbin Hood (a unique take on Robin Hood)
  • Russell Crowe (a pun on the actor’s name)
  • Gregory Peck (after the famous actor)
  • Henjamin Franklin (after Benjamin Franklin)
  • Don Quixote (the literary character, with a poultry twist)
  • Sherlock Combs (after Sherlock Holmes)
  • Bruce Wing (inspired by Bruce Wayne/Batman)
  • Mick Jaggeregg (a pun on Mick Jagger)
  • Neil Armstronk (after Neil Armstrong)
  • Jon Snowbird (after Jon Snow from Game of Thrones)
  • Feather Mercury (after Freddie Mercury)
  • Edgar Allan Crow (after Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Colonel Sanders (the founder of KFC, a bit ironic)
  • Alfred Hitchcock (a nod to the director known for “The Birds”)
  • Caesar Crowlus (a play on Julius Caesar)
  • Vincent Van Crow (after Vincent van Gogh)
  • Pablo Peckasso (after Pablo Picasso)
  • William Shakesbeak (after William Shakespeare)
  • Leo Decapriegg (a pun on Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • Andy Warholster (after Andy Warhol)
  • Bark Twain (a playful twist on Mark Twain)
  • Winston Churchbill (after Winston Churchill)
  • Johann Sebastian Bachawk (after Johann Sebastian Bach)

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Western Rooster Names

In the world of the wild west where landscapes have no limit and tales are never ending, naming your rooster will add a touch of adventure in your rooster personality.

Western Rooster Names

Following list of rooster names is inspired by western theme that has the essence of frontier life.

  • Dusty Spurs
  • Lone Ranger
  • Tex Wrangler
  • Billy the Beak
  • Wyatt Earpeck
  • Jesse Clucks
  • Sundance Strutter
  • Butch Cassidy
  • Doc Holliday
  • Calamity Crow
  • Maverick Plume
  • Wild Bill
  • Tombstone Talon
  • Silverado Shadow
  • Cheyenne Chant
  • Dodge City
  • Zane Grey
  • Laredo Cackle
  • Bandit Beak
  • Carson Crower
  • Dalton Dust
  • Geronimo Gobble
  • Pecos Peck
  • Bronco Bob
  • Alamo Archer
  • Tumbleweed Tom
  • Rio Grande
  • El Paso
  • Navajo Night
  • Sierra Stride
  • Lasso Louie
  • Amarillo Ace
  • Cody Cluck
  • Montana Marshal
  • Reno Rascal
  • Sedona Sunset
  • Dakota Drum
  • Prairie Piper
  • Outlaw Omen
  • Yukon Yell
  • Denver Duke
  • Galveston Gale
  • Hondo Hawk
  • Bighorn Bandit
  • Phoenix Feather
  • Sagebrush Sid
  • Cimarron Song
  • Stampede Steve
  • Waco Whistle
  • Tombstone Tapper

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Rooster Names based on color

The vast nature of roosters is a perfect inspiration for it’s name giving a touch of rich in colors found in these majestic birds.

  • Gold Rush
  • Ebony Shine
  • Sapphire Plume
  • Silver Streak
  • Onyx Feather
  • Coral Crow
  • Amber Dawn
  • Copper Comb
  • Platinum Pluck
  • Jade Strut
  • Scarlet Crower
  • Indigo Plume
  • Quartz Quill
  • Olive Ovation
  • Turquoise Tail
  • Lemon Light
  • Charcoal Chant
  • Tan Talon
  • Maroon Melody
  • Fawn Feather
  • Lavender Lord
  • Ivory Peck
  • Graphite Glide
  • Vermilion View
  • Teal Tread
  • Sienna Song
  • Magenta Mane
  • Umber Umbra
  • Pumpkin Peck
  • Cyan Serenade
  • Slate Strut
  • Blush Beak
  • Mocha Melody
  • Azure Anthem
  • Tangerine Tune
  • Marshmallow Mount
  • Lilac Leap
  • Chestnut Chorus
  • Snowcap Serenade
  • Denim Dance

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Fancy Rooster Names

Selecting a fancy name can enhance the status of your rooster in the flock.

Fancy Rooster Names

Following names are ideal for a rooster who thinks himself at a distinction and at a point of grace.

  • Sir Clucksalot
  • Duke Featherington
  • Lord Pecksworth
  • Baron Von Beak
  • Earl Eggbert
  • Marquis de Plume
  • Count Crowmore
  • Prince Peckerel
  • Viscount Vane
  • Chancellor Cluck
  • Archduke Archibald
  • Noble Nugget
  • King Comb
  • Knight of Nest
  • Duke of Dawn
  • Marquis Moonbeam
  • Earl of Eggs
  • Baronet Bravado
  • Viscount Velvet
  • Squire Squawk
  • Duke Dapper
  • Lord of the Coop
  • Count Crimson
  • Prince Plume
  • Chancellor Chick
  • Archduke of Awe
  • Noble Neck
  • King of Crows
  • Knight Kackle
  • Duke of Dusk
  • Marquis of Mirth
  • Earl of Emerald
  • Baronet of Bright
  • Viscount of Valor
  • Squire of Shine
  • Gallant Gander
  • Aristocrat Azure
  • Sovereign Strut
  • Monarch of Mornings
  • Knight of the Golden Dawn
  • Duke of the Dew
  • Lord Lavender
  • Count of Clouds
  • Prince of the Pasture
  • Chancellor of Charm
  • Archduke Amber
  • Noble of the Nook
  • King of the Cluck
  • Knight of the New Moon
  • Duke of Diamonds

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Naming Rooster in other Languages

Selecting a perfect name for your rooster has a great connection with the language. Languages are not just diverse but they also contain different meanings for each name.

Following list contains names in different languages with their linguistic richness and cultural significance.

  • Azur Ciel (French: “Blue Sky”)
  • Galo Sol (Portuguese: “Sun Rooster”)
  • Hahn Stern (German: “Star Rooster”)
  • Kukko Aamu (Finnish: “Morning Rooster”)
  • Gallo Oro (Spanish: “Gold Rooster”)
  • Roibeard (Irish Gaelic: “Red Rooster”)
  • Tupukka (Maori: “Peck”)
  • Cockerel Zlato (Russian: “Golden Cockerel”)
  • Ayam Jantan (Indonesian: “Male Chicken”)
  • Galletto Vino (Italian: “Wine Rooster”)
  • Kogut Pieśń (Polish: “Rooster Song”)
  • Ceiliog Gwawr (Welsh: “Dawn Rooster”)
  • Horoz Işık (Turkish: “Light Rooster”)
  • Haan Koning (Dutch: “King Rooster”)
  • Tandang Asul (Filipino: “Blue Rooster”)
  • Gaidis Zvaigzne (Latvian: “Star Rooster”)
  • Tupai Keong (Malay: “Snail Rooster”)
  • Kakapo (Esperanto: “Crowing”)
  • Tupp Morgon (Swedish: “Morning Rooster”)
  • Kukuriku (Serbian: “Cock-a-doodle-doo”)
  • Somboromboro (Shona: “Rooster”)
  • Fjærkre Drøm (Norwegian: “Poultry Dream”)
  • Sebright Sárga (Hungarian: “Yellow Sebright”)
  • Ji Gong (Mandarin Chinese: “Rooster King”)
  • Onagadori (Japanese: “Long Tail Rooster”)
  • Gà Trống (Vietnamese: “Male Chicken”)
  • Chanticleer Bleu (French: “Blue Chanticleer”)
  • Pivník Zora (Slovak: “Dawn Rooster”)
  • Petelīnis Saule (Latvian: “Sun Rooster”)
  • Kokoriko (Greek: “Cock-a-doodle-doo”)
  • Khaijaan (Bengali: “Rooster”)
  • Sultán (Arabic: “Sultan”)
  • Ombiasy (Malagasy: “Sorcerer”)
  • Rossignol (French: “Nightingale”, poetic for a rooster’s song)
  • Hanegal (Danish: “Cock-a-doodle-doo”)
  • Cogaidh (Scottish Gaelic: “Warrior”)
  • Kikeriki (German: “Cock-a-doodle-doo”)
  • Galinha Macho (Portuguese: “Male Chicken”)
  • Céiliúr (Irish: “Celebrate”)
  • Ji-jiang (Korean: “Rooster”)
  • Corvo (Italian: “Crow”, metaphorical for a rooster’s crow)
  • Gallus (Latin: “Rooster”)
  • Murgeș (Romanian: “Rooster”)
  • Pilismyndi (Hungarian: “Rooster”)
  • Kukkuri (Finnish: “Cockerel”)
  • Gjelë (Albanian: “Rooster”)
  • Spurkel (Norwegian: “Little Spur”)
  • Kogut (Polish: “Rooster”)
  • Cog (Welsh: “Red”, commonly used for roosters)
  • Петух (Petukh, Russian: “Rooster”)

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How to Name Your Rooster?

When it comes to naming your rooster, the process can be as diverse as the birds themselves. Color serves as a starting point; drawing inspiration from shades like black, white, and red can lead to unique and innovative ideas, especially when considering Spanish translations. 

Delving into personality traits, such as badass and tough, helps craft a moniker that truly embodies your feathered friend. Consider drawing from characters in movies, Disney films, or even your favorite singer or stage actor. 

Additionally, location and nature offer boundless opportunities – whether it’s naming your rooster after a bustling metropolis like London or a serene countryside locale like Bray. These quick tips ensure your selection reflects the essence of your male chicken with every crow.

When it comes to rooster names, the options are vast, but finding the perfect one is key to welcoming your new member into the flock.

Consider the personality and appearance of your rooster. Is he bold or shy, large or small? These traits are crucial in choosing a catchy name that feels natural. opt for something cool and relatively short for ease of identification during daily interactions. 

Take the time to observe his behaviors and characteristics to find a name that truly suits him. Your chickens will quickly learn to respond to it, making feeding and interactions smoother. So, whether it’s a colorful or plain rooster, ensure his name stands out and reflects his unique attributes.


Q1. What is a cool name for a chicken?

Some cool names for chickens include “Blaze,” “Maverick,” and “Aurora,” adding a touch of flair to your feathered friend.

Q2. What are roosters called?

Roosters are commonly referred to as cocks or cockerels, reflecting their distinctive crowing and dominant presence in the flock.

Q3. Is a boy chicken a rooster?

Indeed, a boy chicken is a rooster, distinguished by its vibrant plumage, larger size, and characteristic crowing behavior.

Q4. What gender is a rooster?

A rooster is unequivocally male, displaying traits such as vibrant plumage, territorial behavior, and distinctive crowing.

Q5. Is every rooster a male?

Yes, by definition, every rooster is a male chicken, embodying traits such as aggression, territoriality, and protective instincts within the flock.

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